Modern Boho Wedding Inspiration

Your wedding day is special, but most importantly it is yours. Many couples are now looking to take control, to make the day one that reflects their own ideas and inspirations. Ina and Alvi did just that, helping them avoid the traditional wedding that they felt was not a comfortable fit.

Creating your own, BOHO style wedding gives you freedom. You can have a wedding where every aspect reflects you and your sense of humor, however quirky. Because as much as it is a day of celebration for friends and family, it is your day to build memories that last a lifetime. That means a day that you have inspired.

Whether it means fun cards or a more relaxed preparations that allows the bride to take time with her bridesmaids. Your wedding should allow you to relax and enjoy the moment, like Ina. When crafting your modern wedding, it is all about fitting your needs and wishes into the day.

You can be original with the flowers. Ina chose a rustic look that is a contrast to the precise, neat dresses and suits everywhere. They stand out with their natural beauty and make memorable imagery that you will look back on with fondness. The bride’s dress is a great place to really make a statement. From the whimsical fairy tale style that we see here to simple, modern lines, whatever you like, be bold. The broader range of options, from style to material, is great for brides. It provides so many possibilities, allowing each bride to find the perfect dress. It doesn?t have to be the wedding dress people expect, but the wedding dress that you feel completely comfortable in. The one you dreamed of wearing. 

“It’s your day. Be bold, be you, have fun”

“Love life, Love each other, your way”

Modern Boho Wedding Inspiration

“Take time to share the moment with the friends who got you this far”

“Find the space you love and share it with the one you love”

“This is not the end of the journey, but just the beginning”

While men have a little less flexibility, they can still make a statement with the buttonhole flowers. Alvi matches something more rustic with the sharp, clean lines of a traditional suit. It makes for an interesting contrast that instantly changes the overall look for the groom.

Location is an important part of the modern, BOHO wedding. Avoiding the traditional and going for something unusual creates a dramatic, memorable effect. These images are from Xheko Imperial Tirane and Ishull Lezhe, Albania. The contrast between subject and background makes for exceptional images and wonderful memories. From stark, urban backgrounds to natural beauty away from the beaten path, your choice is again what matters. It is worth taking the time to find the perfect backdrop for your photos. By using sparse natural surroundings, or bleak urban settings, the focus is instantly on the couple. We see the dress, the flowers, everything that the attention has been given too. The background becomes a canvas to paint the beautiful imagery of the bride and groom, rather than a distraction from them.

Small details can make memories that last forever. Ina shows us the wedding date on the sole of a shoe. We see the effect of a perfect location or staging for the photos. They add something unusual like a rug or wildflowers to create something unique. Be adventurous, whatever your idea is, whatever makes this a part of you, that is the answer. 

Make your modern BOHO wedding one to remember. Inject your personalities and tastes to create a wedding that anyone who knows you will know is yours. Step away from tradition and embrace your own uniqueness, create a wedding that is all you.